Mysteries in the universe arouse curiosity for scientists. According to a new study, the largest gap in the universe, Cold Spot, in fact, was not the largest gap.

Known as the largest space in the universe to date, Cold Spot is one of the greatest mysteries for scientists. A recent study of the Cold Spot, which contains 20% less substance than the other parts of the universe, revealed that there could be larger gaps.

The work of astronomers from the University of Durham in the UK revealed that Cold Spot was not really a 'super gap'. Researchers, Cold Spots are not a super gap devoid of galaxies; said that it was made up of small gaps surrounded by galaxies.

Similar to a soap bubble, researchers found that the density of matter in the small cavities was at the same level as the gaps in other parts of the universe. Team member Ruari Mackenzie on the subject; "The gaps we set cannot explain the Cold Spot under standard cosmology. Non-standard models can combine both in the future. However, our data is currently restricting this."

According to the researchers, it is unlikely that the Cold Blemish has emerged due to random variations in standard cosmology. Even though the works on how the Cold Spot preserves its mystery are still continuing, the claim that there is the biggest gap in the universe is considered to be rotten.

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