Especially, the most important point of digital marketing studies is their visual design.

Designing visuals for the product, service or campaign; It is of great importance to attract the attention of your target audience, strengthen brand perception and increase clickthrough rates.

With the images you will design, you will try to convince the visitors to reach the masses who have never heard of your brand before, or come to your site, but who left without buying your products and services. Just like meeting your customers coming to your store or looking at your products but convincing customers who are undecided about buying.

In the advertising image design, you should clearly articulate your highlights and specify your discounts or campaigns in a way that users understand at a glance. The colors, images, fonts, slogans, the most basic features of your product or service, and all of the call-to-action messages are features that need to be carefully selected for a successful visual design. Another point to be considered when designing visual designs is design dimensions. Especially in multichannel marketing studies, dozens of different visual dimensions are available. In order to ensure that your advertising images run smoothly and reach your target audience, you must master the visual dimensions of each marketing channel (Facebook, Google Display, Affilate etc.).

When designing images, keep in mind that there will be dozens of different ad images in the channels you advertise. Take care to design the most remarkable and stimulating visuals. It is important to remember that the visual appearance of an image in social media, which has an important place among the digital marketing channels, is 1.7 seconds, before moving on to the points that should be considered when making visual design. So the summary of the work, you should prepare such a visual that users in your target audience should convince in 1.7 seconds.

Analyze Your Audience Before Starting Visual Design

No matter which sector you are serving, you must first determine which target audience you will prepare. You should design your colors, visuals and slogans to address your target audience by examining their age, gender, interest and even demographic features. The colors and visuals that you will use in a product advertisement for women and the colors and visuals of the banners that you will prepare for men or children should be different.

Just as there may be differences arising from generation conflicts between people and even between parents and their children, digital marketing studies may have different behaviors compared to generations. Therefore, when designing ad images, you should analyze your target audience and ensure the most accurate communication.

Use the Best Slogan

Another feature that will attract the attention of your target audience and make it interested in your campaign is the slogan you will use. When choosing a slogan, you can take advantage of real-time marketing technique. How Does? Suppose you are a company that sells technology products, and you will make a campaign in the report card period; you can make it memorable.

Avoid Stock Use Only

When designing a banner or mailing, you can use stock images to match the message and composition you want to give. However, you should definitely add something to the stock images you buy. Otherwise, your ad can have little impact on your audience. In this case, the click and recycle rate may be low.

Choose a Font for Your Brand

Choose a fixed font to use in your images to ensure its integrity in ad work. The font you choose should integrate with your brand. The font you choose will create a brand perception in your target audience and even if you don't see your logo, it will understand that the ad banner belongs to your brand.

Include Discount, Opportunity, Campaign, Last Day

Criteria that should be taken into consideration when designing visual designs are not merely attracting attention or creating brand perception. At the same time, design should be done to keep clickthrough rates and recycling at the highest level. The most attractive and useful side of shopping by users is that they can examine many different websites, products and brands within minutes. You need to provide a valid reason for users to choose you among so many sub-alternatives. This current offer is for many users to get discounted products, catch up on opportunities and benefit from campaigns. They are the most stereotyped but never indispensable rule of marketing.

Increase Click-through Rates with Mobility Buttons

You have given your slogan, explained the features of your product, told how much you have discounted and showed the current price of the product / service, is it done? Of course not. You must give messages to prompt users. You can have the users click on your ad banner or mail by sending messages like "Buy now", "View Now", "More information", "Buy Discount", "Catch an Opportunity"

Measure Behavior of Your Audience with A / B Tests

In order to increase the conversion of your campaigns, I recommend that you conduct an A / B test to understand what colors, messages or slogans your audience is paying attention to and to design your ad images according to these data in your next campaigns. You can make two different visual designs for the same campaign and target audience. You can use the green button in one of the images and the orange button in the A / B test, you can determine the color of the button with high click rate and you can use this color in your next ads. Or you can use slogans like "discount opportunity" in one of the images and "discount campaign" in the other, and you can determine if the users in your target audience are more interested in the word "opportunity" or the word "campaign". You can do these tests for prices, discount rates, colors or stock images.

In addition to all these criteria; To be unique, to follow your marketing studies, to analyze the data you will obtain in the best way you need to set new road maps for your next marketing work.

Considering these criteria in marketing-oriented visual designs, you can increase your clickthrough rates, strengthen your brand perception, get to know your audience more closely and increase your sales as a result.

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