Scientists; they think that the material that jumped out after the star burst, they observed, travels 4 times faster than the light.

It is believed that the neutron-star combination observed by astronomers last year produced a material moving at four times the speed of light. This material, which emerges after the explosions that occurred during the merger, quickly goes towards the Earth.

The laws of physics have always said that there is nothing faster than light. Will this change the information that is considered to be correct, the new grant? As a result of the observations made, this cistern, which is supposed to be four times as fast as the light, does not really know whether it is really that fast or just an illusion. This idea, which will be finalized with different calculations, can bring a great destruction to the laws of physics.

According to Adam Deller's statement from Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, "According to my analysis, this material is probably 5 degrees wide and only 20 degrees away from Earth's direction." Deller and his team believe that the combination is a material a mass of black neutrons, a massive black hole in the explosive shell, a massive black hole that absorbs gas and dust, and this rapidly moving material forms a rapidly spinning disc around the black hole. he left right.

Some scientists think that this cistern, which goes two light years in 155 days, is just an illusion. The explosion that revealed Gamma rays for a short time also opened the "multimessenger astronomy" era. It was also the first event that perceived gravitational waves (fluctuations in space-time predicted by Albert Einstein for the first time a century ago).


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