Netflix found Riviere Geralt at the end for The Witcher. The Witcher has an important fan base all over the world, especially with his plays. Netflix has already started preparations to use this popularity.

The long-running script has become one of the subjects that everyone is curious about who will be the main character of Riviere Geralt for the series.

Who chose Netflix The Witcher to lead?

In fact, it turned out that the presidential role was obvious about four months ago when the script was not even in the middle. This news that has not been shared with anyone until now has emerged with the last share Henry Cavill made.

Having previously been Superman and highly acclaimed for his Tudors series, Cavill was most recently confronted by Mission Impossible: Fallout.

The famous actor had already shared the posters of the series and gave Geralt his first signal that he had the role. Today, a Netflix user's account was shared on the account. The screen says Geralt of Rivia as the user name.

Henry Cavill does not just take on this role with his stern facial features. The master player is also a Witcher fan. Having played both his games and reading his books, Cavill has already announced that he wants Geralt's role in his interviews.

We do not yet know when The Witcher, one of the most curious projects of the firm, will be on Netflix screens. However, the company already seems to have caught up with the likes of series lovers who will fall into the gap after Game Of Thrones.

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