amd Embedded system developers, Mentor Embedded Sourcery Linux and AMD embedded processors featured in codebench comprehensive Linux support and open source development tools and opportunities to obtain.

AMD today in a statement, heterogeneous and multi-core processors, AMD's open-source embedded Linux development opportunity for the dissemination of Mentor Graphics Corporation announced the signing of an agreement with the long-term.Embedded system developers more easily managed and focused on the agreement aims to provide an open source framework, developers varieties supported more processors, powerful development tools and open development platform to provide a higher speed.

Embedded system developers, bringing a solution to the increasing complexity of systems with Sourcery codebench, Linux-based system implementation in embedded systems, performance and debug applications that can use more comfortable.

"The market's largest integrated Linux and vehicle supplier co-operation with the integrated market we have made investments of a very important step," said AMD Embedded Solutions General Manager Scott Ayler, he continued: "Integrated system development environment new options to opportunities that this partnership developers Mentor Graphics and will work together and extend their shape creates a platform open source. "

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