A new study revealed that the most investment in artificial intelligence was done in the health care sector.

CB Insights published a report on the latest artificial intelligence trends in health care and how technology giants such as Google and Apple have invested in this area.

According to the report, for example, Google's DeepMind project is focused on comparing the diagnoses of health professionals in 50 different eye diseases in diagnostic science; The companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector use deep learning technology to develop new drugs.

What kind of obstacles does artificial intelligence face in this sector?

CB Insights says that overhauling existing processes that are no longer useful is one of the biggest obstacles faced by artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector. This emerging technology is faced with the technical and feasibility challenges of healthcare services, such as the lack of a standard format of patient data or a centralized storage system in the United States.

When the patient files are faxed as PDF files that cannot be read or sent as e-mails, it is very difficult for artificial intelligence to obtain useful information from these files. But Apple and other major technology companies have the advantage in this area; they are experienced in building large partnership networks, including healthcare providers and companies involved in the sale of electronic health records.

Apple's ResearchKit and CareKit projects can translate healthcare work into new data sources and provide electronic health records data to the patient. For this reason, artificial intelligence has already begun to play an important role in the field of health.

Source: https://www.techradar.com/news/healthcare-leads-the-way-when-it-comes-to-ai-investment

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