The iPhone X, which is special for the 10th year of the iPhone family, is being revamped and turned into an iPhone XS. We have iPhone XS features to be introduced on September 12th!

Apple has just released an entirely new design for iPhone with the iPhone X, which was released for the 10th year of iPhone models last year. Apple will expand the iPhone X family this year.

The iPhone X will be upgraded to iPhone XS and the bigger iPhone XS Plus model will be introduced on September 12th. As an affordable model, the XS model, which is the subject of my writing, is expected to come as the third model, not the OLED display but the LCD display version.

iPhone XS features

The new model, which will be available in an OLED display with a resolution of 5.8 inches at a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels and a density of 458 ppi pixels, will be similar to the previous model in terms of display.

The A12 processor will deliver 20 percent faster speed and 40 percent less power consumption than the A11 processor. Architectural innovations that come with the A11, together with the A12, combine performance and low power consumption with 7nm production technology.

The A12 processor is expected to offer faster cores and greater efficiency in concurrent use. It is believed that multi-core performance will be increased by 25-30 percent and Geekbench 4 points can be seen at 13,000 levels.

On the GPU performance side, 40 percent is expected to increase, which is expected to average 20 percent of the daily reflection. Because now the level of GPU performance begins to limit memory bandwidth. Yes, the bandwidth we've used for computers and video cards has become an important point for chipsets and mobile devices.

The iPhone XS and XS Plus models will come with 4 GB of RAM. 64/256 and 512 GB internal memory options. The affordable LCD model is also talking about the future with 3GB of RAM.

iPhone XS camera features

Apple expects the camera side to use a 3-inch camera on the back side like the Huawei P20 Pro, and it's a question of whether these expectations will pass this year or not.

According to all leaked render images, it seems that 2 cameras continue to be used in the backside. The dual camera with 12 Megapixel resolution can also be developed and used in the XS model.

If Apple makes a surprise, it looks like it will do it on the camera side. Let's see if Apple will use 2 cameras like in render images or 3 cameras? We'll wait and see.

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