It is thought that Google has been working on a face mapping feature that has been used for some time, similar to the Voice Match feature.

Google has been using Voice Match to recognize the voice of its user for some time and thus provide secure access to private data such as media and messages. In this way, Google Now users can easily access their private data with the voice commands they give. Now, a similar feature is thought to be developed for use as face recognition and matching.

According to the news in xda, Google is working on a new feature that recognizes the user's face and facilitates access to private data. After installing Google's latest update, version, to its phone, a user started accessing the next 'Face Match' feature. According to this information, the feature is developed to provide the user with facial recognition as well as voice recognition.

However, it is unclear whether the feature will be made available and Google says that the feature could create a vulnerability for users with similar facial features. It is unclear when Google is expected to launch its own 'Face ID' feature for some time, but the new 'Face Match' feature is the first step.

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