Scientists, according to'in, 3-4 billion years ago, Uranus, at least 2 times greater than the Earth was revealed that the sky body.

Jacob Kegerreis of the University of Durham, UK, showed how Uranus took its present form in a very striking way. According to Kegerreis, a massive disaster occurred billions of years ago, and a sky-stone nearly twice as large as Earth crashed into Uranus. However, we are talking about such a collision that Uranus slipped its axis as a result of this collision.

The experts, who revitalized this event with computer applications, also witnessed the shift of the moment of collision and the axis of Uranus in the simulation. Indeed, as in theory, when a celestial body of this magnitude strikes Uranus, it shifts from the Uranus axis and takes its present form. Uranus's move away from the axis of the ice shell as the number one factor in the transformation of the planet.


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